Professional cabin leather maintenance for your car.

Quality maintenance products and appropriate working methods ensure a fresh look and durability for your leather surfaces.

We know how to make your car sparkle!

Bring your car for maintenance with our cleaning experts and be surprised at the result every time.

We prepare your vehicle for sales

Truly highlight your vehicle’s advantages because a clean and well groomed car guarantees a higher sales price!

Struggling with bacteria and pollen in your car?

We provide a special disinfecting service for clearing the air in your car’s cabin.

Car wash services

Tondi Hand Wash provides cleaning of cars, off-road vehicles, minibuses, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, watercrafts and trailers. In addition to exterior and interior wash, our service selection also includes a variety of additional services: engine wash, tar removal, waxing, dry cleaning, interior leather maintenance, polishing, wheel rim cleaning, restoration of lights, removal of advertizing stickers, removal of unpleasant cabin odors etc. When using the Hand Wash, approx. 50 minutes should be allowed for a regular wash as the entire process is implemented by hand. Time spent on a wash is indeed longer than average, yet the life-span of your car body will be extended and a well maintained car yields an increased value in the secondary market.

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About us

Tondi Hand Wash only uses car maintenance products by the world’s leading manufacturers. We only prefer cleanser manufacturers that promote nature conservation and produce biodegradable products.  
You can pay for our services both on-site in cash or by card. Contractual customers enjoy the opportunity to pay for services once a month based on an aggregate invoice.
While your vehicle is pampered at the car wash, relax in our new and cozy waiting area equipped with WIFI, current magazines, TV, coffee machine, water dispenser and bathroom. All of you are most welcome!

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Tondi street is open again

We are pleased to announce that Tondi street construction works are completed and the street is open again. Tondi Käsipesula is open on Mon to Fri 8:00 to 18:00. All of you are most welcome!

Tondi street open for traffic, yet temporarily as a one-way commute

Related to reconstruction of the tram line No. 4, the area surrounding Tondi street is under road repairs as from May 12. When coming to Tondi Hand Wash, please note that traffic is temporarily reorganized in the road segment from Vineeri street to Kohila street. See the map for more detailed information. Taking ...

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